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Licensed Locksmiths in Tampa

We’ll Take Care of Break-in Repairs

We know that having a break-in can be scary and stressful, and that’s why we’ve put so much time into making sure that our staff is trained on how to do break in repairs. We can fix and repair all of your locks, re-key locks (if that’s what you need), and even put up window gates so that you can feel more secure after all is said and done. Want to learn more about how we at Licensed Locksmiths in Tampa can take care of your break in repairs? Call us for a quote and to learn more.

123 Best Locksmith in Tampa

We’ll Remove Broken Keys Without Breaking Locks

Many people panic when their keys break in the doors that they are located in, if for no other reason than because they believe they have to break the locks in order to get the broken key out. At 123 Best Locksmith in Tampa, we have a number of different tools that we use in order to ensure that we can remove broken keys without doing damage to the doors and/or locks that you may have hand. Want to learn more about our key extraction services, or our other locksmith services?

Mike Lock Masters

Vehicle Keys Made Tasks Are Dealt With On Daily Basis

Regardless of the time, we will be always available to you. Being busy in the day does not mean that your problematic situations cannot be deal with. Just tell us about the time whenever it’s easy to receive our services. We lie in the list top 10 locksmiths in the entire country who provide professional vehicle keys made service 24/7. Mike Lock Masters has developed outstanding reputation in this field. We will serve you in the hour of need.

Key Extraction and Lockouts

Broken key extraction services that will surpass all your expectations

Extracting broken keys from locks need lots of experience and patience and therefore they should not be attempted by all. Mike Lock Masters is easily the best service provider for getting these services quickly and within your budget. Our broken key extraction services will not only help get the keys removed completely from the locks, but also ensure the locks can be used again in the future. Our locksmiths that are responsible for discharging these services are highly talented and friendly.

123 24 Hour Locksmith Tampa FL

With excellent lockout services around the corner, you can have peace of mind

Lockout services provided by 123 24 Hour Locksmith Tampa FL are reliable and efficient in that customers can look forward to solving their problems in a matter of few minutes. We have access to some of the best tools and technologies that are required to carry out these services.


Padlocks Could Be Brought Into Use Anywhere

There are several ways to use a padlock. People have come up with brilliant ideas to make security authentic by using padlocks. A padlock can be used at retail stores, offices, store rooms, etc. The best part is that purchasing a padlock does not cost much. It is the cheapest security device. A padlock is usually kept as a backup. It can be used to tighten the security if one of the security devices stops working.

Some customer stories

"One morning I woke up and I noticed my brand new flat screen TV was missing and other valuable electronics were also gone. The front door was also open. Somebody in the middle of the night broke my lock quietly and took a bunch of stuff and I felt lucky that was all that happened. This could have gone worse on so many levels. Electronics are replaceable and the door is fixable but I could have been a victim of a violent crime. He could have had worse intentions and I would have left without any defence.

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