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Customer stories

“One morning I woke up and I noticed my brand new flat screen TV was missing and other valuable electronics were also gone. The front door was also open. Somebody in the middle of the night broke my lock quietly and took a bunch of stuff and I felt lucky that was all that happened. This could have gone worse on so many levels. Electronics are replaceable and the door is fixable but I could have been a victim of a violent crime. He could have had worse intentions and I would have left without any defence. I called these locksmith guys and had them do the entire house with heavy duty stuff. It was a real eye opener that I was living as a potential victim for all this time. People don’t get it. A cheap lock is a life threatening thing.”

– Terry

“I probably should have learned and tied a string to my keys and attached them to my pants. Those keys can be tricky buggers. I was out at a picnic with my kids. Somewhere between the arrival and when we started eating the car keys disappeared. On top of that I was with a distracted husband and a bunch roughty kids. My friend recommended this lock smith. They arrived they replaced the key and then left as quickly. It was a life savior. The family outing was saved. The kids didn’t even know of the almost disaster.”

– Lissa

“Beleive it or not, locksmiths arent all A@#holes. My ex girlfriend was a locksmith and shes awesome. One day i lost my bedroom keys, and when i called, instead of a locksmith i got an Angel! She worked for Mike Lock Masters at the time, and she was the most beautiful locksmith i have ever see. She made me a key to my dooe but stole the key to my heart!”


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