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Locksmith Florida

You know you care about your car when perfecting its security levels is a matter of significance. Mike Lock Masters Florida cares too! Think of how much you like that nice vehicle you just purchased then think of how horrible it would be for it to be stolen. From a variety of vehicle locks, we offer anti-theft systems, car trackers, car alarms, gear locks, and other safeguarding techniques that prevent your car from being stolen. Our technologies go to the extent of alarming you of entry attempts through SMS. We really do care.

Fix your window locks

As much as we love CCTV’s and alarms in our homes, window locks are just as essential. From Mike Lock Masters Florida many designs, we offer you quality window locks to match the gracefulness of the rest of your home. Finding your ultimate choice in our very likeable collections is not as easy a job as you may think. From sliding locks to hook locks and latches, we have everything you are searching for. The sight of your tough-looking window lock might just make a burglar give up on his mission to rob you. We also provide you with indestructible yet affordable glass material for your windows.

We work weekends

Finding locksmiths who work weekends is nearly close to impossible. Mike Lock Masters Florida we do not differentiate weekends from normal workdays. Our service continues to be that of high standards and we have had no complains of lazy locksmiths. Even on a Sunday, we are ever-ready to fix that door, duplicate your key, install a peephole and do all the other services we offer. No tensions of being locked out or stranded until Monday; No need to stay at your friend’s place. We are within easy reach even on weekends.

Exceptional key duplication

When you have a roommate or business partner who owns the store with you, you both need separate keys for said property to avoid inconvenience. How many times has your roommate who possesses the key failed to come home and you were left looking for temporary accommodations for the night or had to wait hours for them to return? Mike Lock Masters Florida gives you exceptional key duplication services so you can both have your own set of keys. Neither do we offer fake keys nor do we charge hidden fees for complicated reasons whatsoever. Wherever you are, get through to us at 813-527-0407 and we’ll be there to help.
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