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Locksmith Palm Harbor

We specialize in servicing all kinds of locks. Patio door locks are no exception. Patio door locks can be of several types like a sliding door lock, hinged door lock, door bolt, door closer etc. These locks are small and sensitive. Whoever is repairing patio door locks should do the job with patience and skill. Some parts may become bent or broken if not handled properly. It is safe to have your patio door locks repaired by Mike Lock Masters Palm Harbor who has the experience. We know how to handle light locks which are sensitive. Call us to fix your patio door locks problems.

Keys radio-dispatched to you! Can anything be faster?

We are not satisfied with giving you the best service. We want to make it faster. Radio-dispatching is a service we have introduced for fast delivery after getting the lock or key ready. If your lock or key can be fixed at your place, it is fine. But if they are to be taken to the workshop, then we need to speed up the process. Mike Lock Masters Fast Locksmith Palm Harbor combines its expertise with technology to facilitate fast delivery. The keys or locks to be repaired are sent to our mobile workshop closer to your place and radio-dispatched after they are repaired. Service at its best.

Want to remove broken keys? Get the job done without damaging the lock

What happens when a key gets broken while you are trying to open a lock? You can get a duplicate key made but you have to remove the broken part of the key from the lock for using the lock again. This is a delicate job that needs minute skills. Any crude attempt to pull out the broken part using some tool will damage the levers of the lock and will make it unusable. Get your broken keys removed by Mike Lock Masters Palm Harbor, who employ people skilled at doing this. We will remove broken keys safely and make the locks usable again.

Need your safes unlocked? Don’t act in haste

Safes may have to be unlocked if there is any problem with the keys. People get panicked in such situations and in their anxiety to get the safes unlocked immediately, they engage someone who claims to know the job and risk damaging the safe. Improper handling may damage the lock or door or both. Sometimes, even the contents can be damaged by the impact or by a tool used. Get your safes unlocked by the experts in this line. Mike Lock Masters Palm Harbor will unlock your safe saving the lock, the door and the contents. No one can do this better.

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