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Locksmith Tampa Florida

The transponder keys sold by 123 Locksmith Tampa Florida are equipped with a radio frequency to match the frequency of your car going just the extra mile in keeping you safe and preventing theft. These car keys are essential and in need of brief programming before you are good to go. In addition, we sell batteries for transponder keys with the assurance that once you purchase from us; you will hardly need a change in a long period of time.

Install master key systems for your security and convenience

Are you having trouble sorting out many keys just looking for the right one for a given lock? Do you find it tiring to carry all these keys? Have you ever thought of how much you would spend if they got lost? Not a worry! 123 Locksmith Tampa Florida presents you with a chance to install master key systems in your properties or home. Having installed these systems for long, we know how they work and the best way to have them in place. Irrespective of the amount of work you want us to do, our services to you remain to be that of excellence and at affordable rates.

Need your Keys copied? Call Locksmith Tampa Florida

As odd as it sounds, 123 Locksmith Tampa FL offers to have even your elevator keys copied. No more hardware stores giving you strange looks. Whatever key you need a copy for; we have got your back. Quick, efficient, friendly service with great prices to present; we guarantee you all the keys work unlike what most of the time happens with other locksmiths. No extra fees, no random charges. Even on a Saturday or a Sunday, we are available. Our locksmiths waste no time with pointless questions and or conversations. Copying your key becomes the only thing of necessity.

Have your locks rekeyed

With 123 Locksmith Tampa Florida, you no longer have to worry about which hardware store you can possible find a rekeying services. Equipped with all the correct tools for the job, our teams are trained to remove locks from doors, trunks, and ignition locks. Our expertise include: Removing locks from cars, removing inner lock tumblers, replacing pins, inserting tumblers into locks and testing it, and replacing car locks. We do automotive locks, and have the correct tools for your car in particular. Rekeying car locks is not an easy process, and if not chosen wisely, a locksmith may end up damaging your car and subject you to losses. So choose us to have your locks rekeyed by dialing 813-527-0407 and find out just why we are the best at what we do.

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