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Locksmith Tampa

When you hire 123 Locksmith Tampa, the task will be handled efficiently and professionally. We don’t want to consume plenty of time to solve a situation. Our staff’s most important objective is to deliver the services in an efficient manner within minimum time frame. This is what allows us to achieve maximum level of customer satisfaction. When it comes to new locks installation, no matter how many locks are to be installed we won’t need more than an hour to do it.

Privacy Issues Solved With Re-keying Service

Did you gave house keys to someone you trusted but found out that the person isn’t worth it? In this case, your privacy can be taken advantage of. Take a step to regain your privacy control. Re-keying service will make the current keys useless. That’s right, the keys won’t work at the particular lock which has been rekeyed. After the rekeying is done, we will provide new keys in order to access the lock. 123 Locksmith Tampa offers convenient security and privacy solutions to the customers. Get in contact with us to find out more about rekeying service. Get a discount today!
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