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Locksmiths Tampa

With hundreds of clients to handle, years of experience and many recommendations, 123 Locksmiths Tampa can be said to have reliable lockout services. No threat of disfiguring or damage comes to your property – we know what we are doing. We avoid wasting time and try our best to be with you as fast as we can. Having your home unlocked takes a moment or so, and our security advice for future misfortunes are free of cost. Our employees are people of good manner, pleasant hygiene and well coached to handle emergencies. We take pride in what we do.

Get your magnetic locks

Easy to install and simple to handle, magnetic locks remain to be the only uncomplicated security measure you need. They keep your most valuable possessions secure, and they don’t even need a key to open. Their first class coding systems makes them everyone’s favorite. Besides, these locks are impossible to pick, which makes it tough for troublemakers to get their way in. For your safety, it is commended to have your locks installed by a professional. Electricity is not a matter to be taken lightly. Make your choice from our diverse selection at 123 Locksmiths Tampa and secure your home today.

Do you need window gates for your home?

From fold-able steel gates to basement window bars, to storefront steel bars… 123 Locksmiths Tampa got you covered. Choosing the correct window gates is crucial, and the strength of these bars is something to keep in mind. Be it steel or glass, your window gate should be for increasing security level and only that. Picture the grin on a thief’s face when he finds your window gates to be like a piece of paper ready to be blown away by the wind. Keep an eye open for thin metal gates. Our company provides you with quality strong, colorful and attractive designs to suit your property while ensuring your safety.

We work evenings

Are you left in an isolated road at nightfall with your keys locked inside your car? Do you need help but fear nobody will come to your aid? 123 Locksmiths Tampa is always available to you. Our teams work evening hours to reach out to you in your time of need, and are only one phone call away. Call us at 813-527-0407 to fix break-in repairs, install high security locks and or provide you with transponder keys and many others. Even on holidays, we are open till late hours. Don’t fret about the situation you are stuck in and the time it is, give us a call and let us help.
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