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Getting your keys copied may appear to be a simple job. You will find a lot of people claiming to do this. But unless the key copies are the exact replicas of the originals, using them with your locks is risky. Unless a key is a perfect fit, it will exert a pressure on the internal parts of the lock and distort them. The damage to your lock can be avoided by getting your keys copied by Mike Lock Masters Odessa Locksmith who are experts at the job. Our experienced technicians will take care to see that the key copies are identical to the original.

Plan to have your locks rekeyed – Beware of pitfalls in the process

Re-keying a lock is not an easy job. It is not done often but when it is to be done, you must guard against the pitfalls during the process. Since the process involves working with the lock mechanism, any mistake will make the lock unusable. Only people with high skills and experience should handle this job. If you want to avoid any of the pitfalls during re-keying, get your locks rekeyed by Mike Lock Masters Odessa Locksmith who have the skill to handle this job. We train our technicians intensely in working with locks so that they should do the re-keying the perfect way.

Want to go for a master key system? We can help

Are you planning to implement a master key system? The system will give you a lot of benefits but you should also be aware of the problems you will encounter. If you fail to consider the problems that may arise by implementing the system, you won’t know how to solve them when they arise. An expert like Mike Lock Masters Odessa Locksmith can help you to identify the problems in advance and suggest means to avoid them even at the implementation stage. We will make the master key system work smooth for you. Out expertise and experience will be of great value to you. Read today.

New locks installation – How you do it matters

When you invest in new locks, you invest in security. You should enhance your security by getting the new locks installation done properly. You may think that installing a lock is a simple job that can be done by anyone. It is not true. How you install a lock will have a bearing on the way it functions and its life. You might have seen locks installed at an angle that are difficult to open. Engage the services of Mike Lock Masters Odessa Locksmith for installing your new locks. We will take care of the fine points involved in new locks installation.

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