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Brooke Emery - We are a property management company that manages office buildings and residential properties all over florida. We have always been pleased with Mike Lock Masters. No better locksmith in town.

John Crissman - Someone stole my wife's bag with her keys and identification. She was terrified. I was out of town and had to handle the problem for her. I found this locksmith on Yahoo and am pleased to say that they are terrific. They came to the house in a well marked van, dressed in professional uniform and took care of the problem

Eric Stallone - Mike Lock Masters exhibit an extraordinary grasp of security issues, as well as product knowledge. I can only give the highest praise as to their reliability and craftsmanship.

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When it comes to experience and knowledge, there is no other company that can surpass our team of technicians. You deserve a safer home or workplace so trust the team that unites brand new technology with traditional working class values. These are the very locks that we would trust on our homes. We trust the same technical know how for our security installations. This is the time for you to call and upgrade your defense against burglaries and theft. There is no reason to wait until there is a disaster. Get the locks and installation that you need. All our locksmiths are licensed and insured. We got the training and sponsorship from some of the top pros in the business!

Have Locksmith Tampa, FL Equip Your Home with Dead-Bolts Locking System for Crucial Home Security

Since there are many cutting-edge home locking systems in the market today, it is advisable to get the advice of a locksmith. This will ensure that you get the best and most affordable locking system for your home. Deadbolts are very resistant to external pressure and force, making their opening extremely difficult unless a particular opener is used. If you need to equip your home with a dead-bolt locking system, you are most welcome to visit us at Locksmith Tampa FL for a free quote.

Install Digital Door Locks Offered by Mike Lock Masters to Enhance your Home

Do you prioritize and value your home’s security above anything else? I do not expect you to say no and I believe that digital door locks would be the safest bet for your home. This type of locks offer maximum security to your home and prevent your valuable assets from falling into the wrong hands. They work using different kinds of biometric credentials. Fingerprints and voice recognitions are just a few of the key highlights of digital door locks. Get in touch with Mike Lock Masters today and find out how you can safeguard your home by installing a digital door lock.

Why Locksmith in Tampa, FL Is Your Best Choice for A High Security Master Key System.

Having been in the field considerably for a long time, we have experience in the locksmithing field that is unmatched. We are a company that boasts of high level service and workmanship. Locksmith in Tampa, FL is a reliable company responds promptly to any emergency calls regardless of time and location. With our stunning knowledge in the field, you can bet that we can provide you with a quality master key system that will help you handle all sorts of locks. What you need is to dial 813-527-0407 to get someone to fix your problem faster.

Most of the VIP houses prefer the high security locks

Many of the celebrities and some VIP people go with these kind of high security locks. These locks are designed and manufactured in a completely different manner as compared to other locks. The sensors used, the chips used are arranged in a perfect order in the key. These keys are simple to look like, but they can perform multiple functions. Our service engineers are the best in these activities, of chip designing and fixing remote sensors. After the engineers finish their stuff the technicians give a delicate design to such keys.

The Best at Copying Keys

Duplicate keys are made by many and this way to design such duplicate keys are is often called copying. Such keys are kept by many people just for the reference purpose. If they lose their original, instead of doing it again, such duplicate keys can be used. If such keys are in the hands of some wrong people they misuse it. So steps should be taken by the house owners such that these keys are not in the hands of some strangers. Our technicians design some specific duplicate keys and they are handled by some people who require such keys urgently.

Remove broken keys at earliest

Damaged keys can become the headache for you otherwise handled carefully by specialists. Just in case, you already were trying as well as fighting with any particular lock, this could worsen the problem. The smart and wise choice is to let locksmith Tampa, FL help you get from this trouble very quickly. All of us at locksmith Tampa FL tend to be facilitating and helping our own monolithic clientele within an efficient way. Just in case, you are not sure about our solutions do compare us along with competitors and decide by yourself. We will welcome you.

Mike Lock Masters is Trusted Throughout the Community

There are so many things to worry about, don't let locks be one them. Our team of technicians are working around the clock to bring dependable solutions to security issues. We have technicians that specialize in professional lock picking, installation, and repair. This is a service that is extended to all keys and locks for the house, office, or automobile. This means that your locks are protected every hour of the night and everyday of the year. The best time to call is the moment that you need help. There is no reason to wait around when we have the solutions for you.

Decreasing demand for peephole installation

One of the services that seriously decreased as technology advanced is the peephole installation. Instead of having this type of installation, individuals and organizations often prefer the more modern technology that includes closed-circuit television or as it is more popularly known as CCTV. This can be considered as the offspring of the peephole. Mike Lock Masters is still providing installation of peepholes to households or establishments when they are required by people. If one might want to know more about this service feature, they can call 813-527-0407 so that their queries and concerns can be properly addressed. Estimates can also be requested.

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